Retreats can be magical, powerful, soul nourishing experiences. If planned and delivered well, there will be an effortless sense of flow throughout the whole experience; prior to, during and post retreat for both you and your guests. If planned and delivered impeccably, retreats can be life changing.

Here's how I can help you

Retreat Mentoring

If you're considering running a retreat but not sure where to start - or have your retreat plans in place but not feeling quite ready - this is for you.


One to one mentoring sessions will help you get super clear on your vision, the 'why' and intention behind your idea before mapping out what would be needed to get things done. Or to go through your plans with a fine toothed combs so you feel fully prepared..


You will leave the session with a really clear understanding of what you would need to do and how, in order to bring your dream to life. or feel fully prepared both within yourself as a leader to hold 

space for others and logistically as an event planner to deliver an incredible experience..

Retreat Hosting

Teaching and leading sessions on a retreat requires an enormous amount of energy; teaching and hosting is a 24 hour a day job and can be exhausting.

Onsite retreat hosting will mean I will be there to support you for the whole duration of your retreat and ensure your guests are fully looked after from start to finish, so that you can save your energy for teaching, demonstrations or presenting.

I can also provide guided meditations, 

mindfulness sessions or group coaching as part of your retreats should this be of interest..

Simply get in touch to discuss how hosting might work for you and your retreat.

Retreat Planning

Planning a retreat is time consuming and requires complete focus to ensure every aspect of creating a soulful, nourishing, transformative experience for others is possible. You may be the best yoga teacher around but not so much an event planner?

Here is where I would take care of everything for you - full planning and hosting - the full monty, so that you can offer a retreat experience to your clients completely hassle free for yourself.

All your energy and time would be saved to focus on the sessions you would be leading and have time to enjoy yourself in between. 

The investment

I call it 'investment' not to be gimmicky or to use clever marketing terminology but because it really is true. As the leader of a soul led project it is essential you keep your energy topped up, you yourself need to be centered, confident and supported in order for you to give the best of yourself to others.

This IS an investment, in you, for you and for those who's lives you will change for the better.  

Mentoring sessions are £145 per session and include a pre-call worksheet, a 1.5 hour super focused consultation, a post call worksheet relevant to your needs and a 15 minute aftercare call before your retreat takes place. 

Retreat hosting and planning investments vary on the size and scale of your project. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and needs further. 

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