The wellness industry is currently booming, with retreats of all kind being offered worldwide as a meaningful and impactful way of nurturing and nourishing clients and expanding on services offered.

We also know that wellness of our staff, teams and senior management are essential to organisational success.

Ready to create a culture to thrive?


Offering retreats as part of your services, products or longer term business development strategy is a hot topic and with careful planning could help your wellness business thrive. 

Perhaps you are a Spa, hotel or clinic looking to implement an impactful retreat strategy or you are a new or emerging retreat centre getting ready to offer a calendar of retreats and events - I can help. I have certainly learned the hard way in this area and will share with you all I have learned so your retreat really works for both you and your clients.

But honestly, embedding a clear and concise retreat strategy within your organisation could be the difference between thriving or surviving.

Staff Retreats & training

Stepping away from the desk allows individuals and teams to get a greater perspective, to realign their projects and work with their organisations values and to ensure teams are all heading in the same direction of travel.


Team retreats can range from week long deep-dive offsite residentials to one day training days for your staff and/or clients.

Each retreat or training package will be designed specifically to your companies needs with a core focus on collective culture, client impact and staff wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for full planning of your team retreat or support in bringing one to life - let's chat.

Coaching & Culture

“Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those we want to impress”

This is key to creating a culture of wellness. A thriving team is essential to offering first class experiences, products or services.

Culture is felt not taught - and it is felt by everyone. Ensuring the foundations of wellness are inbuilt with integrity and care is essential, not an added extra. 
Lead with integrity and kindness... and it starts with you. 

One-to-one mindfulness for leadership coaching and group mindfulness sessions and courses ensure wellness is embedded in the bedrock of an organisation allowing your team and business to thrive.

The investment

Packages are designed and priced on an individual basis, project by project, bespoke to your needs. Let's arrange a time to chat and discuss your needs and I will draw up a proposal for you.

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